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Communicate with prospects, residents and customers the way they want to communicate

With our easy-to-use texting platform, you can keep all communications — whether they’re text, pictures, videos, email, or phone calls — in one convenient dashboard.

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Benefits of using Our Texting Platform

Prospects, residents and customers expect two-way communication through text messaging. Problem is, when your salespeople text from their personal phones, you lose a critical communication trail. Until now.

Document all incoming and outgoing messages. Then easily view and print a history of communications.
Track, evaluate and ensure that your salespeople are working their pipelines.
Pinpoint breakdowns in the sales or service process.
Boost organization and time-management. Agents can easily review previous communications before they reach out.
Set up autoresponders to commonly asked questions. Save time, provide 24/7 service, and ensure questions are answered quickly.
Put a face with a name. You can automatically reply with a head shot, picture or logo so people know who they’re communicating with.
Get to the information you need fast. Color coding by incoming and outgoing messages enables you to quickly scroll through messages.
Schedule messages to go out as needed.
Avoid spam filters. Short phone numbers often trigger spam filters on your customer’s phones. We use 10-digit codes to make sure that doesn’t happen.

How it works: One system manages all your communications

Use your business number*
Send and receive text/picture messages from your existing business number — and stop using personal contact information.
*Available in most cases
Easy to use mobile-friendly dashboard
Text, Picture, Video, Email messages through the dashboard to record everything — and keep communications separate from personal ones.

Receive notifications
The agent, you or other assigned person will receive a notification via email or text when a customer sends a message.

View active discussions
Ensure you never miss a text again.

Fully customizable
We will build a complete solution that meets the needs of your business. Plus, we offer custom pricing plans for every budget.
Privacy and Security
We use cutting-edge technology that keeps your customer information private — and you can count on us to never sell your data.

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