What People Say?

Holly Michael, Marketing and Training Director, CLK Multifamily Management

Text Services, LLC is a wonderful tool to communicate with our residents quickly and effectively. We can now send out real time texting notices to our residents for water cut offs, balance due reminders, and other time sensitive material. The training they provided the staff was great and our managers love the service!

Victor Carmody, Attorney At Law

I teach law office management around the country,and one of the highlights of my presentation deals with effective use of office staff time. The average staff time saved in my office,using the Text Services, LLC system is about $50,000.00 per year with the added benefit of increased client satisfaction.In addition the text system is user friendly in both setup and use. I highly recommend both the Text Services, LLC system and Steve Slay.

Jodi Maughon, Madison County Chamber of Commerce

Text Services, LLC has been able to give us that extra “something” to communicate with our members. It’s so easy but so efficient and useful!

David Watson, DVM, Brandon Veterinary Clinic

Every client we offer this service to, signs up, and it has taken the headache out of our monthly reminders; it is simple, easy, and very affordable...it was a no-brainer for us!

Stephen Hamilton, Attorney At Law

I have used the Text Services, LLC program for over two years and without a doubt it is the best single piece of advertising and client management system that I have ever used. when I first met Steve he spent hours making sure that I understood how people might actually use the program. The program itself is a very easy program to use and takes a few minutes to feel comfortable using. The extra time that Steve and his staff put in help me customize it to the areas that were specific for my practice. I am now able to use the system for two separate areas. First, I use it in my advertisement to be able to communicate effectively back and forth between potential clients. The only real limitations of the program are those that I put on it. As I began to think outside the box the program becomes more valuable in it gives me an ability to advertise to markets that normally I would not be able to reach.

The second area that it really lets me focus on are my current clients. With this program we have been able to substantially reduce both our time and costs in communicating with clients. Now instead of writing a letter to a client, paying for postage, and paying for the staff's time to draft the letter we are able to simply use some default messages that Steve created for us in instantaneously let the client know when where and why he or she must be for any appointment.

To sum it all up this program is without a doubt the best program that I've ever used either for advertising or for client communication. This program has paid for itself over and over again and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Jennifer Anderson, Executive Director, the Flowood Chamber of Commerce

This has been the best money that we have ever spent!

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