More than 97% of text messages are opened and read within minutes of receipt.

Texting (SMS)

We do not use short codes

Short codes may fall short! Each Mobile Carrier handles spam text differently. Nobody wants to send a message that will not be seen!

Engage Your Customers With Our Exclusive EZ Dialog ™ Text Message

Along With Your Own Local Number - Have a text message conversation with the click of a button. Our system can also reply to commonly asked questions automatically, saving you time!

Communicate With Your Employees/Members Via Text Message

Build employee/member relationships, send out reminders and urgent notifications.

Communicate With Your Customers

Using our mobile texting service you can build brand loyalty and engage your customers, tenants and donors on their cell phones, and more! Send mass emergency notifications and severe weather alerts, or use for non-urgent messages to all.

Text any cell in the US and Canada

Our text message system is perfect for apartment communities, organizations, retail promotions, schools, blood services and more! Send tens, hundreds, even thousands of text messages at once. Broadcast group text alerts & reminders, increase safety & security with emergency alerts.

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